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one time my step sister got upset that we were using food coloring in the muffins on St. Patrick’s Day and we were like Shannon why are you so against food coloring? And she was like “In my biology class we were talking about food coloring and now I’m completely against it because when you ingest food coloring it changes the color of your intestines to match the color of the food coloring.” and we all just kind of went quiet and waited for her to finish before realizing she was done. So we said “And then what..?” and she just shrugged as if to say “That’s it. That doesn’t seem terrible to you?” and I think that pretty much sums up this generation. Why don’t you people actually fucking think and research? Why do you take everything for granted? Half the shit you people reblog on here is completely false and it only takes about .02 seconds for me to google it and see that your posts with hundreds of thousands of notes aren’t even close to true. You’re fucking numb and it’s embarrassing. Educate yourselves and stop letting the government take advantage of you.

Along similar lines I don’t know how to feel about 9/11. I believe with 99% certainty that our government completely set up the entire thing. I don’t know where the flights wound up or if they even existed, but I’m pretty damn sure that no planes hit either tower. It’s fucking disgusting that our government would do such a thing just to get our rally support to bomb another country and take their oil. I don’t know man. This planet is fucked up and I hate it. I’m terrified

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mom, dad, can i have a boy girl party this year for my birthday??? i’m gonna be 35 this year and idk i just think i should be allowed to now. 

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